Everything started in the 1940s with Hamilton Livingston buying a few sewing machines and renting a room above a funeral parlour in Montague Street, Dublin.

Hamilton, a Quaker from Lurgan, he had been lecturing textiles in Lurgan technical college and moved to Dublin in the 1930s to work in textile manufacturing. Shortly after his 60th birthday he and his sons Gilbert and Stanley opened Vedoneire.

Hamilton had entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for quality fabrics. Having lectured most of his life in fabrics, he taught his sons and daughters the skills that define Vedoneire today, honesty and quality. Everything we do, design and produce must be to the standards set by our founder the 1940s.

Having quickly outgrown Vedoneire’s first home, a four acre site was purchased in Crumlin and a large factory built, this allowed Vedoneire produce fabric for export as well as its own use in Underwear, shirts and knitwear, the firm was very production driven.

The company was now being driven forward by Stanley and Gilbert Livingston. Partnerships had been established abroad and their investment in the best knitting machines allowed them win sizable fabric orders from countries as far apart as the USA to the old USSR. With Gilbert looking after the technical side, Stanley forged relationships with suppliers, customers, financial houses and business partners.

Two other manufacturing plants were taken over, one in Drogheda the other in Monasterevin.

As well as fabrics, underwear and knitwear garments were being manufactured. A large portion of these garments were sold to wholesalers who in turn sold onto retailers. The business was a large employer, providing families with good incomes and a happy work place where many met their spouses. Thousands of years of experience being built up by a committed work force with unmatched quality being produced every day.

In 1985, Stanley’s son Mark joined the business.  With the emergence of eastern economies, new design, shortened distribution channels and investment in IT, Vedoneire identified new opportunities by adding outerwear to its already strong Underwear business. New retailers both in Ireland and abroad were opened and warehouses expanded. Vedoneire’s heritage was built upon to appeal to a broader customer base, culminating in deliver to 46 countries in 2015.

We hope that our 65 year heritage can be seen in the quality and design of our clothing and when worn will become treasured pieces.